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HWMF Needs You!

Ladies & Gentlemen - come and join us for an evening of live music from our
Festival headliners The Scene,plus guests The Knottleys!

(and help HWMF at the same time!)


A November Night Out!!

Thos of you who were daft brave enough to make it to the end of our very wet and cold festival back in July, then first off – thank you – and secondly, weren’t The Scene just brilliant?

It seems like every year the final band raises the bar a little further and this year was no exception. The rain put a pretty big hole in our taking so we’re planning a little fundraising event in November and guess what?

The Scene ARE back to do another gig for you!!

How brilliant is that!?!? Get yourself over here to get your tickets – the Knottleys are supporting so you’ll get two bands in one night for a tenner (and hopefully we’ll get to finish paying for this summer’s wet festival!)