We started HWMF in 2013 with the aim of becoming Cambridgeshire’s best small festival for live music, with a real family friendly ethos. At HWMF we are all about the music, we have no fun-fairs gimmicks or stalls, (although kids can get painted faces and glitter tattoos for a donation)! Sweets, crisps and ice creams are all reasonably priced – as is the booze and the food – so as all can afford. We decided on this route as we loved to go to see live music but found festival-going was costing an arm and a leg each time, ice cream, stalls, burgers, fairground rides and on and on…

…so HWMF was born. Started with the organsisers own money and a small grant from the local Parish Council the festival is now an annual event for the good folk of Houghton & Wyton and further afield. We were free entry for the first five years but after the disastrous weather of 2017, we reluctantly took the decision to charge a small entry fee for adults (we’re still free for children) our goal is to create a great, affordable day out while (hopefully) making enough to cover the costs and put the festival on next year. So go get your ticket!

Dogs (with the exception of guide dogs) will not be allowed in the main arena for Health & Safety reasons.

If you have any questions please drop us a line.

Most importantly HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!